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Get serious exfoliation the natural way. Buy now!

Exfoliate your skin the natural way!

Therapeutic cleansing just got easier with DeLaine's Hemp Body Scrubber. Achieve beautiful and healthy skin while helping the environment. Simply add your favorite soap - liquid or bar - and buff away.

True to our stated goal of providing environmentally safe products, our exfoliating Hemp Body Scrubber is made using 100% all-natural hemp. Hemp, among its many attributes, is well known to grow quickly without pesticides, need very little water, help clean up soil pollution and it is so leafy that it produces more oxygen than other crops. In fact, hemp has been proven to actually improve our environment! The natural fiber for the person who wants serious exfoliation. 

Plus, hemp is so durable that it can be regularly machine washed and dried without falling apart. This makes it much easier to keep clean and sanitary. Other exfoliating products require you to soak the materials in bleach or to put them in the microwave to keep them germ free. But DeLaine's Hemp Body Scrubber can be easily washed along with your towels! There is never any need for bleaching or microwaving. Our Hemp Body Scrubber is perfect for men and women as the strong and sturdy handles at either end makes it easy to exfoliate those hard to reach areas.

Our Hemp Scrubber is 28" x 3.75".Order now and receive a FREE Hemp Mitt Scrubber on us!Comes with dimensions of 9" x 5".

• All-Natural Hemp Made using the most natural fibers around, this scrubber was made for the person who wants serious exfoliation the natural way. 

Clearer Skin Get the clear, smooth, radiant skin you've always wanted. Our scrubber reduces blemishes, blackheads and sloughs off dead skin cells.

• Hygienic and durable Stands up to routine washing and drying to keep it more sanitary than other exfoliating methods.

• 100% money back guarantee Order now with complete peace-of-mind. Every order comes with a Free Mini SCrubber Mitt - our gift to you!

Hemp Body Scrubber