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About Us

DeLaine’s was founded by Sally and Lloyd Brogan in Bend, Oregon. Our goal at DeLaine’s is to provide quality, environmental friendly and safe kitchen and bath products for the family. We conduct extensive research prior to adding products to our line, ensuring their quality and safety. And, we guarantee everything we sell. 

DeLaine’s was named in honor of Sally’s mom, the sweetest mom ever! Truly, ask anyone who knew her. She left us too soon, so we named our company in her memory. You can think of our business and our products as advice from “mom”. We are excited to share recipes and cooking and cleaning tips and have a lot of fun in the process. 

We are blessed to conduct our business in beautiful Bend, Oregon! Lloyd spends all of his spare time fly fishing. In fact, he moved his family from the Bay Area in California to Bend for the fly fishing. If Lloyd isn't working, he is volunteering at our church or “Family Kitchen”, a local center that serves meals to hungry families. 

Sally loves just about everything having to do with cooking. She hasn't always been a great 
cook but has kept at it. “Back in the day” the thought of having six or eight friends over for dinner terrified her. Now, she loves entertaining. Sally loves helping the community, gardening and spending as much time as possible with her grand kids. She loves taking in all of the fun that Bend has to offer!  Sally also volunteers for the church and “Family Kitchen" with Lloyd. 

There are three Brogan children, two 
daughters' and a son. The girls are both married and have given us a beautiful grand daughter and three wonderful grandsons. We are crazy about our grandchildren! They keep us on our toes and keep us laughing. 

Please, let us hear from you! We welcome all comments and product reviews.